Buy Marijuana Seeds for Growing Outside

Many people make the decision to only grow their cannabis seeds outside. They don’t want the investment of the items necessary to do it in their home. They may not have space when looking to buy marijuana seeds in the home to realistically grow. Some have children and they don’t want them to be around the marijuana. No matter what the reason is, there are benefits to going this route.

There are challenges to gardening your weed outdoors, but many people find it worth the risk. You can’t control the temperatures or the precipitation. Paying close attention to the best strains that grow well in your climate will help to tip the scales in your favor. Think about the types of plants that will also offer you the benefits you seek and the harvesting control you are looking for.

Pick a good spot so your marijuana can be well hidden but also have the opportunity to thrive. Growing such pot may be illegal where you reside so you do need to be careful with them. Hiding them among others is a good idea, but you should know how tall your plants will get before they are done. Some will be too much or tall for you to hide them outdoors!


Environmental Factors

Growing cannabis inside can cause some harsh effects on the environment. Many areas are concerned about this. Yet the process of growing the plants outdoors can actually be good for the environment. Less energy is consumed when they are outdoors because you aren’t using electricity for artificial lighting up to 12 hours a day. You can also use the soil as it is outdoors instead of having to buy it and put your seeds into it.

Growing marijuana outdoors doesn’t leave a carbon footprint on the environment. The seeds rely on water, air, and the sun in order to grow. They have been naturally growing in such environments for centuries! The ecosystem around the plants won’t be interrupted or compromised when you buy marijuana seeds that have been picked properly.

Bud Quality

Most strains of weed are going to do much better outside than inside. As a result, the quality of the buds will be improved. This will mean a higher yield of product per plant. This can also result in you being able to plant less of them and still have the yield you desire for personal use.  The flavor and the smell will also be improved by the outdoor growing conditions.


Cost Effective

The cost will add up fast to get an indoor grow operation in motion. The lights, the watering system, the ventilation, and other details all add up quickly. You aren’t going to spend much to get your pot plants to grow outside. You only need to spend your money on quality seeds to get them started. Depending on where you grow, you may need to pay for some nutrients to enhance the soil with too.

Very Little Time Involved

Taking care of indoor seeds will be very time consuming. Many people just don’t have much extra time for such a process. They already have a very busy schedule. With the outdoor growing, once the seeds are in the ground, there isn’t much for you to do until it is time to harvest the plants. You should check on them routinely though and remove any damaged or dead areas so the seed can use nutrients to thrive. You also want to watch for signs of disease or pets that can ruin your crop.

Personal Safety

Your own personal safety is going to be higher for outdoor in seeds. Most of the time, law enforcement will go out of their way to search for these crops. If they do get found, it can be hard to trace them back to an owner. Don’t tell others where you have them or even that you are growing the cannabis. Keep it private and it is less likely anyone will know.


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